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초음파 탐상검사(UT)
초음파 탐상검사(UT)
Air coupled UT system
초음파 경화깊이 측정기
Microwave 장비
AE 음향탐상
NEW Digital Radiography
휴대용 X-RAY
캐비넷 타입
방사선선량계 및 악세사리
자분 및 침투탐상검사(MT/PT)
Ultrasound Camera
Ultrasound Camera
X-Ray 현상액
열화상 카메라 및 서모그래피 스캐너
시멘트 자동 응결 측정기
시멘트 자동 응결 측정기
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The Kubtec XPERT 160 is a large-size, multi-purpose mobile X-ray cabinet system for pathology, research and industry applications.

MOZART with Tomospec

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women today. Early detection is renowned for its crucial factor in healing from tis cancer.

KUB 250

A NICU dedicated X-ray system is about saving the lives of the tiniest and most helpless of patients.

Kubscan CR

The X-veyor 150 system from Kubtec is a mobile X-ray system with an integrated conveyor.

X-veyor 150

Bars with diameter from 20 to 120 mm


DIGIMUS mobile X-ray cabinet system is especially designed for research applications, as it can provide high resolution radiography images and measure BMD in mice.


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