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초음파 탐상검사(UT)
초음파 탐상검사(UT)
Air coupled UT system
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Microwave 장비
AE 음향탐상
자분 및 침투탐상검사(MT/PT)
Ultrasound Camera
Ultrasound Camera
X-Ray 현상액
열화상 카메라 및 서모그래피 스캐너
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현재위치 : 제품소개 > 자분 및 침투탐상검사(MT/PT)
Penetrant testing
With the penetrant testing procedure you can quickly determine surface discontinuities on all iron metals and non-iron metals, some plastics and ceramic materials, glass, etc., provided that the discontinuities are open to the surfaces. This procedure is used in the examination of welding seams, cast pieces, in shipbuilding, automobile and aircraft construction, apparatus and tank construction, etc. Liquid penetrant testing can be carried out with at daylight visible and/or under UV-light fluorescent penetrants. This method is charactestic for the fact that, contrary to the magnetic particle inspection, defects or discontinuities can be proven also on not magnetizable materials
Magnetic particle inspection
Magnetic particle inspection is suitable for detecting discontinuities (e.g. cracks) in or near the surface of ferromagnetic mate-rials. The workpiece must be magnetized in the test area. The discontinuity can be shown best if the magnetic field is vertical to the discontinuity. One possible method for magnetization is using a yoke. The magnetic flux flows into the workpiece through a ferroma-gnetic yoke. The main field direction is the connection line between the two poles of the yoke. Yokes can be installed in a test bench so that the whole material can be magnetized. If hand yokes are used only the region between the two poles can be magne-tized. Multi-directional magnetization can be used to find discontinuities in any direction.
MR 970
MR AT 974
Measurement equipment / Test blocks
Hand yokes
Spraying equimpment
Test lines PT
Equipment MT

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