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초음파 탐상검사(UT)
초음파 탐상검사(UT)
Air coupled UT system
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New MS-60 series is the most advanced portable helium leak detector in the industry, offering highest sensitivity and fastest test-time. The MS series utilizes VIC’s own state-of-the-art dual magnetic sector helium mass spectrometer for error-free operation in a complete range of industrial, dry, and clean room models.
The MS-40 series, formerly manufactured by Veeco, offers the same range of helium leak-detector models as the MS-60, but with previous-generation packaging, specifications and pricing.
The Real Sniffer - MD-490S is the most advanced sniffing helium leak detector designed specifically for industrial environments. The Real Sniffer utilizes VIC’s own industrial-grade helium mass spectrometer to achieve the highest sensitivity, fastest response-time, and smallest footprint.
MD-490M industrial hybrid helium leak detector The first choice for industrial leak detection systems. The system's design allows for ease of integration, and is a popular choice for OEMs and system integrators.
MS-50 Console
The MS-50 series of console high-speed production leak detectors offers unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use, with simple one-button power-up and fastest time-to-test. Available in a variety of ergonomically designed CE-compliant models and configurations, the MS-50 is ideal for a broad range of application-specific testing.
MS-50 Dual
The MS-50 Dual Port includes all the standard features of the familiar line of MS-50 high speed production leak detectors.
MS-50 Dry
The MS-50 Dry includes all the standard features of the familiar line of MS-50 high speed production leak detectors, and is ideal for precise quantitative leak measurements in a wide range of applications.
MS-50 High Sensitivity Dry
The newest addition to the MS-50 series is ideal for precise, quantitative leak measurements when extreme sensitivity is required: semiconductor, electronics, and packaging industries; instrumentation, physics research and development as well as the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
MS-50 Ultra Fast Test (UFT)
The newest addition to the MS-50 High Sensitivity series is ideal for ultra fast precise, quantitative leak measurements of Hermetically Sealed Devices:
MS-50 Argon
• Ideal for applications requiring Argon tracer gas, for products already back-filled with Argon, or for test areas with a helium high background
• Only production leak detector with an interactive flat panel LCD display
• Built-in diagnostics for trouble-free maintenance
• Independent quick calibration check
• Dual pump system with dedicated foreline and roughing pumps
• Simple one-button power-up has system ready to test in less than 3 minutes
• Fully automatic start-up, tuning and calibration
• High inlet pressure of 7.5 Torr provides fast time to test
• Resolution of 40 at mass 40
MS-50 Backfill Station
• Allows evacuation, final backfill and pinch-off of hermetically sealed devices
• Ideal for backfilling sealed relays, switches, gyros, timers...
• Easy integration with the MS-50 Leak Detector via the side port manifold
• Includes mechanical roughing pump and backfill manifold
• 0 to 30 in. Hg pressure gauge
• 12” diameter base plate with 2 ports and optional bell jar

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