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초음파 탐상검사(UT)
초음파 탐상검사(UT)
Air coupled UT system
초음파 경화깊이 측정기
Microwave 장비
AE 음향탐상
자분 및 침투탐상검사(MT/PT)
Ultrasound Camera
Ultrasound Camera
X-Ray 현상액
열화상 카메라 및 서모그래피 스캐너
서로그래피 스캐너
시멘트 자동 응결 측정기
시멘트 자동 응결 측정기
현재위치 : 제품소개 > 열화상 카메라
Thermapp Camera

ThermApp from Opgal turns any Androis smart-phone into a professional thermographic device, complete with night vision, superb image quality, touch screen advantages ad user freindly interface.


EyeCGas® is a handheld OGI camera for the detection of fugitive gas emissions for over 30 hydrocarbon and VOC gases, including Methane and Benzene.

EyeCGas FX

EyeCGas® FX is an innovative automatic gas leak detection and alert system specially designed for the natural gas, oil, petrochemical, and agribusiness industries.

NDTherm Measuring Unit

NDT thermographic testing has never been easier or more comprehensive.


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